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The area of Dobrinjstina has always been oriented on two primary activities; coastal settlements (Klimno, Šilo, Čižići, Soline, Meline) secured their existence by fishing trade, sailing and shipbuilding; thus at the end of 19th century Svetozar Jurić opened the škver in Klimno, which was one of the first shipyards on Krk. Settlements further from the coast were predominantly oriented on farming but also on craftsmanship; already in the mid 19th century the first bricklayer's trades were founded, and soon the new forms of craft industry developed - carpentry, stone-cutting and occasionally bakery and candlemaking (so far there is only one instance of candlemaking, i.e. the manufacture of candles, in Gostinjac). And then, in the mid 20th century, Tiha Company was founded in Šilo. It still operates successfully and employs many people of Dobrinjstina and wider areas.As a result of social changes in the 1990s, Dobrinjstina is also becoming the meeting place of private entrepreneurs and craftspeople, whose number has by now risen to about thirty.
Municipality Dobrinj   Municipality Dobrinj
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Općina Dobrinj
Dobrinj 103, 51514 Dobrinj

e-mail: opcina-dobrinj@ri.t-com.hr
tel.: +385 051/848-344;848-307
fax.: +385 051/848-141
web: www.opcina-dobrinj.hr, www.dobrinj.hr

Katastarska površina: 55,05 km2
Broj stalnih stanovnika: 2.023
Broj kućanstava: 891

Stambene jedinice: 4.422
Stanovi za stalno stanovanje: 1564
Naselja: Općinu Dobrinj čine 20 naselja

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