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Writters, philologists, historians, artists...

The first academician from the island of Krk came from Dobrinjstina. His name was Dr. Ivan Črnčić (1830-1897), he was born in the village of Polje, and was above all distinguished by his study of Glagolitic inheritance. He also had a significant role in discovering "the birth certificate of Croatian people", the famous Baščanska ploča (eng. Baška Inscription). He was a priest, a secretary of Krk bishop Vitezić, a canon and a director of the Roman Institute of St. Jerome, a Slavist, a philologist and a historian. Although not well-known, a priest Ivan Uravić (1662-1732) was one of the first writers from Croatian islands.

During his tenure as a parish priest, a priest and an educator, Antun Kirinčić (1815-1893) from Gostinjac opened in Dobrinj in 1841 the first private elementary school in Dobrinjstina. The following year the school gained public significance and has persisted to this day. Beside Dr. Ivan Crnčić and Antun Kirinčić, there was one more priest from Dobrinjstina who has left a trail in national culture - Josip Gržetić Krasanin (1837-1896) from Kras, the author of a historical novel Urotnici (eng. Conspirators), and an interesting poem Dobrinjka (eng. Dobrinj Woman) in which he humorously portrays in many details the national costume of a Dobrinj woman.

Prof. Ive Jelenović (1898-1981) from Sveti Vid, a Slavist, a philologist, a dialectologist and an ethnologist, is a coauthor of the first Anthology of newer chakavian lyric poetry (Zagreb, 1934). Prof. Snježana Marčec, nee Strčić (Rijeka, 1963 - Rijeka, 2001), whose father was from Kras area, studied chakavian dialect with special emphasis on Dobrinj chokavian dialect. She worked in the Institute for Croatian Language and Philology, but her sudden death prevented her from finishing her master's thesis on Dobrinj speech type. Dr. Nikola Ljudevit Španjol (1897-1970), a friar, a philosopher and an educator from Gostinjac, discovered the grave of a great Croatian poet Ivan Gundulić. He was also a co-initiator of Krčki zbornik (eng. Krk Anthology Collection) and was one of the initiators of the foundation of ethnographic collection on the small island of Košljun.

Željko Sobol (Bjelovar, 1941 - Zagreb, 1991) was another writer who originated from Dobrinjstina. Apart from writing a series of poetic and prosaic works, he also wrote verse for many of our famous musicians, among which were Gabi Novak and Arsen Dedić. Dr. Čedo Variola (1921-1992), originating from Dobrinj, was one of the best-known contemporary Croatian writers for children, and also the author of the still very popular children program on Croatia Radio, Stigla je pošta (eng. Here's the Mail).

Of the scientist who are still among us, in the sphere of human sciences there are prominent academician Petar Strčić from Kras, and father Bonaventura Duda (also from Kras), one of our best-known biblicists and liturgists.

Among the prominent artists, there is father Vinko Fulgencije Fugošić (1916-2003), academic painter, arts historian, renovator and travel writer. There is almost not a single altar in Krk bishopric for which father Vinko did not make the design or gave an idea and specific instructions. He spent a part of his working life as a professor of fine arts on the Faculty of Theology in Rijeka, and is also remembered as a renovator of old Vatican works of art.

There is yet another artist who came from Dobrinj area, Antun Kirinčić (Pula, 1912 - Zagreb, 1981), while a painter and an art teacher Đurđica Mavrović came from Sveti Vid (1909-1998).

Doctors and scientists from other aresa

A military doctor from Dobrinj, Dr. Nikola Gržetić Gašpić (1838-?) also pursued writing, so he published a book from the field of mythology. It is interesting that he was the first (and so far the only) person from Dobrinjstina who could take pride in acquiring the title of a knight.Prof. Dr. Dinko Sučić (1896-1981) from Dobrinj was one of the pioneer Croatian experts in the research of leukemia and heart infarct, and even two cardinals entrusted him with their health - Alojzije Stepinac and Franjo Šeper. From the sphere of medicine, we also have to mention a prominent Prof. Dr. Branko Volarić (1927-1982) and Dr. Josip Variola, both from Dobrinj, and medical experts who are still alive are Prof. Dr. Željko Fućkar and Prof. Dr. Josip Turčić from Gostinjac.In the field of technical sciences there is a prominent Prof. Dr. Josip Brnić from Sveti Ivan; he affirmed himself also outside of national borders as an expert for the strength of metal structures. Prof. Dr. Josip Kirinčić from Gostinjac was awarded the acknowledgment of the International Association of Ports and Harbors in Tokyo, owing to his discoveries in port sector economics.
Healthy spirit in healthy body...

As for now, Dobrinjstina did not have many prominent athletes, but one of the most deserving people in the development of contemporary sport on the islands, especially soccer and gymnastics, Josip Pepi Uravić (1899 - 1984), came from Dobrinj.Several years ago, Nataša Rogina, a member of the Sport Fishing Club Čikavica, became the world champion in sport fishing.

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