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Sacral museum collection in Dobrinj

As a part of the Dobrinj vicarage there is a museum collection, which for the most part contains exhibits from Dobrinj cultural and religious heritage. However, the value of particular exhibits surpasses local values. One of those is the outstanding transcript of the Listina Charter of Dragoslav the Great dating from 1100; although the original unfortunately disappeared, the transcript of this relevant Croatian Glagolitic document from our history has been preserved in the so called Perva kniga klera dobrinskoga (eng. The First Book of Dobrinj Clergy). A part of the sacral museum collection is also a Venetian's antependium from 15th century, embroidered in gold by Katarina Frankopan. In addition to the reliquary of St. Ursula, numerous canonic Glagolitic books and sculptures of naive artists, this museum collection also contains one rarity - processional crosses from 17th century which, beside Jesus', also bear the picture of the Virgin Mary.
Municipality Dobrinj - Museums   Municipality Dobrinj - Museums
* Details from the ethnographic museum in Dobrinj
Ethnographic collection

Opposite the building of Municipal Authority there is the ethnographic collection, in the native house of a journalist and a publicist Ivo Sučić (1901-1980). Consistent with his testamentary wish, the ethnographic collection was formed with numerous original exhibits and photos which evoke the life of islanders from almost 200 years ago.

The ground floor is arranged as an antique kitchen with the komin (eng. fireplace), antique chairs, dishes and inevitable cradles by the komin. The first floor exhibits farming tools, while the second and the third floor display antique spindles, folk instruments, various decorations and national costumes of contemporary girls and women.

The collection can be viewed at any time during summer months, or during the rest of the year with the previous phone notice to the Dobrinj Municipality.

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